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1041.Fascism believes in the application of the principle of

A. Dictatorship
B. Democracy
C. Utilitarianism
D. Totalitarianism *

1042.Whom did Henry Tudor defeat in 1485?

A. Edward IV
B. Richard I
C. Richard III *
D. Edward V

1043.Queen Elizabeth I of England belongs to which dynasty

A. Stuart
B. York
C. Tudor *
D. Normandy

1044.Who proclaimed the First Crusade?

A. Alexios I Komnenos
B. Peter the Hermit
C. Pope Gregory VII
D. Pope Urban II *

1045.Which one was the capital city of Byzantine Empire

A. Venice
B. Rome
C. Vienna
D. Constantinople *

1046.When was ‘Hammer of the Witches’ published?

A. 1414
B. 1471
C. 1484
D. 1487 *

1047.Pearl Harbour, an American Naval and Airforce base was attacked by

A. Germany
B. Japan *
C. France
D. England

1048.When did Henry Tudor seize the crown?

A. 1420
B. 1431
C. 1453
D. 1485 *

1049.Who was the King of Britain during the First World War ?

A. Philip I
B. Anarew VIII
C. George V *
D. Jonn Vll

1050.Who was the first to distinguish between cause and immediate origins of an event?

A. Herodotus
B. Pericles
C. Plutarch
D. Thucydides *