381. When did the October Revolution occur?
A. 1917
B. 1918
C. 1920
D. 1923

382. The previous name of Zaire was
A. Benin
B. Liberia
C. Congo
D. Sierra Leone

383. The battle of Thermopylae was fought between
A. Sparta and Athens
B. Athens and Rome
C. Greece City States and Persia
D. Rome and Carthage

384. That all appointments made by the President and an treaties signed by him must be ratified by the Senate in U.S.A. indicates
A. Theory of separation of powers
B. Theory of checks and balances
C. Due process of law
D. Rule of law

385. Who was the successor of Charlemagne?
A. Charles the Bald
B. Lothair I
C. Louis the German
D. Louis the Pious

386. Which of the following revolutions is related to the thirteen English colonies
A. Russian Revolution
B. Industrial Revolution
C. French Revolution
D. American Revolution

387. Who received the title of ‘shogun’ in 1603?
A. Ishida Mitsunari
B. Kuroda Yoshitaka
C. Oda Nobunaga
D. Tokugawa Leyasu

388. Who secured papal recognition of his kingship in 1328?
A. Edward Bruce
B. Edward I of England
C. Edward II of England
D. Robert the Bruce

389. Who composed ‘The History of the Kings of Britain’?
A. Ambrosius Aurelianus
B. Geoffrey of Monmouth
C. Thomas Malory
D. Vortigern

390. Who is the author of “The History of the World-Conquerer”?
A. Annemarie Schimmel
B. Clifford Edmund Bosworth
C. Gustaf John Ramstedt
D. John Andrew Boyle

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