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891. Who is also known as the founder of scientific socialism ?
A. Karl Marx
B. Lenin
C. Rousseau
D. Engels

892. In which country Aztec civilization was originated ?
A. Greece
C. Mexico
D. Egypt

893. Who was the Emperor of Russia during Russia revolution ?
A. Nicholas I
B. Nicholas II
C. Alexander I
D. Alexander II

894. What is the name first Roman Emperor ?
A. Claudius
B. Augustus
C. Caligula
D. Nero

895. Who is known as “Father of History” ?
A. Mark Antony
B. Nero
C. Herodotus
D. Homer

896. What is the name of autobiography of Adolf Hitler ?
A. First Attack
B. Mein Kampf
C. My Spirit
D. Ray of Hope

897. The historical monument Al Khazneh is located in which city ?
A. Giza
B. Tehran
C. Baghdad
D. Petra

898. The first news paper in the world was started by ?
A. Japan
B. China
D. India

899. Adolf Hitler committed suicide in ?
A. 1944
B. 1945
C. 1946
D. 1947

900. Before independence Ukraine was part of ?
B. Britain
C. China