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431. Who founded Saint Petersburg?
A. Alexis of Russia
B. Ivan the Terrible
C. Peter the Great
D. Peter III of Russia

432. Who murdered Julius Caesar?
A. Augustus
B. Marcus Brutus
C. Mark Antony
D. Pompey

433. Who invented kerosene?
A. Abraham Pineo Gesner
B. Benjamin Silliman
C. Edwin Drake
D. John William Dawson

434. Who said’ ‘I am the State’?
A. James-II of England
B. Napoleon-I of France
C. Louis-XIV of France
D. Hitler of Germany

435. Who said “Knowledge is Power”?
A. Shakespeare
B. Milton
C. Francis Bacon
D. Jawaharlal Nehru

436. Who was “The First American”?
A. Benjamin Franklin
B. James Madison
C. John Adams
D. George Washington

437. Who was the first Caliph?
A. Sulaiman, the Great
B. Abu Bakr
C. Imam Hussain
D. Constantine

438. Who wrote “Summa Theologica”?
A. Albertus Magnus
B. Aristotle
C. Augustine of Hippo
D. Thomas Aquinas

439. Who was the Chief Architect of the World Trade Centre, New York?
A. Le Corbusier
B. Minoru Yamasaki
C. Edwin Lutyens
D. Charles Correa

440. Who amongst the following was not associated with the Unification of Italy?
A. Cavour
B. Garibaldi
C. Mussolini
D. Mazzini