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1461. The British east india company defeated the nawab of Bengal on 23 June :

A. 1757 *
B. 1756
C. 1758
D. 1759

1462. Which on of the following was the last emperor of Mughal dynasty?

A. Bahadur shah Zafar II *
B. Shah Alam II
C. Akbar Shah II
D. None of these

1463. The last Mughal emperor Bahadur shah zafar was exile in :

A. Rangoon *
B. Mandalay
C. Merit
D. None of these

1464. Bahadur Shah zafar died in obscurity in Rangoon in :

A. 1862 *
B. 1858
C. 1860
D. None of these

1465. Shivaji Bhonsle led a series of successful attacks against mughals during the :

A. 1660s *
B. 1650s
C. 1670s
D. None of these

1466. In 1717, The Mughal recognized the claim of the Maratha to rule over the :

A. Deccan *
B. Bengal
C. Punjab
D. None of these

1467. Who won the third battle of Panipat in 1761 over the Marathas?

A. Ahmad Shah Abdali *
B. Nadir Shah
C. Farrukhsiyar
D. None of these

1468. Which of the Muslim Scholar appealed to ahmad shah abdali to encounter the Maratha’s threat ?

A. Shah Wali ullah *
B. Syed Ahmad Barelvi
C. Shaikh ahmed Sarhindi
D. Shah Abdul Aziz

1469. Nizam-ul-mulk Asaf Jah was the viceroy of :

A. Deccan *
B. Hyderabad
C. Bengal
D. None of these

1470. Ranjit singh introduced the military discipline and employed European as :

A. Officers *
B. Soldiers
C. Both
D. None of these