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281. When was the Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact signed?
A. 1939
B. 1940
C. 1941
D. 1945

282. Where was the Ottonian dynasty established?
A. Denmark
B. Germany
C. Iceland
D. Scandinavia

283. Who is the creator of the world famous statue ‘David’ in Florence
A. Leonardo da Vinci
B. Raphael
C. Filippo Brunelleschi
D. Michelangelo

284. When was Government of India Act passed?
A. 1818
B. 1819
C. 1858
D. 1800

285. Who was the last Emperor of Rome
A. Nero
B. Romulus Augustulus
C. Julius Nepos
D. Julius Caesar

286. Who is known as the ‘Father of History’
A. Homer
B. Thucydides
C. Herodotus
D. Archimedes

287. Who wrote the book ‘Oliver Twist’
A. William Shakespeare
B. Mark Twain
C. Charles Dickens
D. Christopher Marlowe

288. The “Last Supper” a famous Renaissance Painting was a master piece of
A. Michael Angelo
B. Titian
C. Leonardo da Vinci
D. Raphael

289. Peking is the sacred place of
A. Taoism
B. Shintoism
C. Confucianism
D. Judaism

290. When was Operation ‘Condor’ implemented?
A. 1970
B. 1975
C. 1980
D. 1990