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1391. How many daughters were to born to Khadija R.A and Muhamamd (P.B.U.H)

A. 3
B. 4 *
C. 5
D. 2

1392. Muslims ______ battle of Mauta

A. Won
B. Lost *
C. Backed off
D. None

1393. Ghassanid force marched to Madina in __________.

A. 621 C.E *
B. 624 C.E
C. 623 C.E
D. 621 C.E

1394. In 711 C.E Tariq bin zayed landed at base of huge rock, named________.

A. Gaudlite
B. Toledo
C. Lakka
D. Gibraitor *

1395. Roderick was drowned in the rive ?

A. Toledo
B. Lakka
C. Gaudlite *
D. Gibraitor

1396. Hisham deputed sholars from spain to learn fiqa from________.

A. Imam Malik *
B. Imam Mahdi
C. Imam Hanif
D. None of the above

1397. “Al Muzaffar” was the title of _________.

A. Sulaiman
B. Hisham
C. Al-Haram *
D. None of the above

1398. Who is known as “Schdstic philosophy”?

A. Ibn Taimiya
B. Rukn uddin Ahadi
C. Sharif Jurjani
D. Al Kalam *

1399. Who were known as ” Hakims”?

A. Medical practitioners *
B. Philosopers
C. Mathematicians
D. Architects

1400. Which country had the record of persecuation, exclusion and other steps made zionist intensely hostile before World war II?

A. Russia *
B. Germany
C. Hungry
D. Portugal