1101.The term ‘Cold War’ was coined by

A. Bernard Baruch *
B. Prof. Lippmann
C. Palmer Perkins
D. Roosevelt

1102.Which two countries were involved in a Hundred Years War?

A. Turkey and Austria
B. England and France *
C. Palestine and Israel
D. Germany and Russia

1103.The Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871) was ended with the signed of

A. Treaty of Vienna
B. Treaty of Munich
C. Treaty of Paris
D. Treaty of Versailles *

1104.When did John Cabot visit Cape Breton Island?

A. 1497 *
B. 1500
C. 1524
D. 1350

1105.When was Charlemagne crowned as Roman Emperor?

A. 800 *
B. 860
C. 871
D. 899

1106.William Shakespeare was born in the year

A. 1487
B. 1523
C. 1564 *

1107.The Bloodless Revolution of 1688 was started in which country

A. England *
B. Italy
C. Portugal
D. France
D. 1588

1108.When did the Korean war end?

A. 1937
B. 1948
C. 1950
D. 1953 *

1109.Who switched on the world’s first large-scale electrical supply network?

A. Albert Einstein
B. Alexander Graham Bell
C. Benjamin Franklin
D. Thomas Edison *

1110. What was the reason for the breakup of the Carolingian Empire?

A. Charlemagne’s descendants were politically weak and disunited
B. Vikings began raiding northern France
C. Charlemagne’s grandsons divided the empire into three parts
D. All the above *

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