1031.The world’s first drainage system was build by the people of

A. Egyptian civilization
B. Indus Valley civilization *
C. Chinese civilization
D. Mesopotamian civilization

1032.Which of the following group of thinkers influenced Fascism?

A. Plato Machiavelli and Herbet Spencer
B. Aristotle St Augustine and T.H Green
C. Kant Fichte Hegel and Rosenberg *
D. Karl Marx Engels and Lenin

1033. From which language, has the term ‘democracy’ been derived?

A. Greek *
B. Hebrew
C. English
D. Latin

1034.Who made the famous statement “Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains.”

A. John Locke
B. Mirabeau
C. Voltaire
D. Jean Jacques Rousseau *

1035.Napoleon-I and the Duke of Wellington fought the famous

A. Battle of Austerlitz
B. Battle of Leipzig
C. Battle of Borodini
D. Battle of Waterloo *

1036.Which Mountain’s volcano buried Pompeii city with ash in 79 AD

A. Mount Pelee
B. Mount Tambora
C. Mount Etna
D. Mount Vesuvius *

1037.When was the All Red Line inaugurated?

A. 1901
B. 1902 *
C. 1922
D. 1872

1038.Who was the king during the french revolution

A. Napoleon
B. Louis XV
C. Louis XVI *
D. Charles IX

1039.Genghis Khan died in the year

A. 1209
B. 1219
C. 1227 *
D. 1232

1040.Who was a founder member of the Russian Populist Movement “Anarchism”?

A. Mikhail Bakunin *
B. Gorkhy
C. Leo Tolstoy
D. Turganew

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