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941. ‘The Peloponnesian war’ was fought between _______ and _____
A. Sparta and Iran
B. Sparta and Athens
C. Athens and Iran
D. Athens and Asia Minor

942. Which of the following city has highest historical monuments?
A. Punjab
B. Mumbai
C. Delhi
D. Hyderanad

943. When did the first Railway Train begin to carry passengers and freight?
A. 1814 AD
B. 1830 AD
C. 1853 AD
D. 1784 AD

944. Which country has always remained free from foreign rule?
A. Phillipines
B. Nepal
D. Laos

945. What was the name of the atom bomb dropped by USA on Hiroshima in Japan during the second world war ?
A. Little Boy
B. Little Fly
C. Little Devil
D. None of these

946. Who among the following empasized the ‘Five Relationships’ ?
A. Lao-tse
B. Buddha
C. Confucius
D. Mahavira

947. Who among the following devised the method of making ‘Pakka’ roads?
A. Mc Adam
B. Jimi Adams
C. George Stephenson
D. Graham Brothers

948. A constitutional monarchy provides what power to a monarch?
A. Absolute power over parliament
B. Only power given in the constitution
C. Power for kings, not queens
D. A divine right of kings

949. Which political party used to have swastik symbol ?
A. Communist Party of Chaina
B. Republican Party, USA
C. National Socialist Party, Germany
D. Liberal Democratic Party of Japan

950. The slogan No taxation without representation was first raised during the American Revolution in
A. Boston Tea Party
B. Massachusetts Assembly
C. Philadelphia Congress
D. None of these