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641. The other civilization flourished at Harrappa and other sites as early as:
A. 2500 BC
B. 2400 BC
C. 326 BC
D. None of these

642. Alexandar the Great arrived in Taxila in:
A. 326 BC
B. 314 BC
C. 300 BC
D. None of these

643. In which year Muhammad Bin Qasim attacked Sindh?
A. 700
B. 710
C. 712
D. None of these

644. Muhammad Bin Qasim was called back by:
A. Walid bin Abdul Malik
B. Sulaiman Bin Abdul Malik
C. Khalid Bin Abdul Malik
D. None of these

645. Al Beruni came India along with:
A. Mahmud of Ghaznni
B. Muhammad Bin Qasim
C. Muhammad Ghuri
D. None of these

646. The last hindu ruler of the Sub-continent was:
A. Raja Pirthavi Raj
B. Raja Dahir
C. Raja Jay Pal
D. None of these

647. Who destroyed the temple of Somnat?
A. Mahmood Ghaznavi
B. Gahuri
C. Babar
D. None of these

648. Which city Ghaznavis developed as their center of Islamic Culture?
A. Lahore
B. Delhi
C. Amritsar
D. None of these

649. Which of the following battle was fought in 1192 A.D?
A. First battle of Tarain
B. Second battle of Tarain
C. Battle of Talikota
D. None of these

650. First invasion of Sultan Mehmood of Ghazni in subcontinent was took place in:
A. 998
B. 1000
C. 999
D. None of these