271. Who quoted “The problems of day cannot be solved by motions, resolutions and can be solved only by blood and iron.”
A. Hitler
B. Bismarck
C. Kaiser William IV
D. King Frederick William IV

272. According to Marx, the source of value is
A. Capital
B. Land
C. Labour
D. None of the above

273. Who is the author of “From the Founding of the City”?
A. Cicero
B. Livy
C. Polybius
D. Sallust

274. Who wrote, “On the Geneology of Morals”?
A. Friedrich Nietzsche
B. Immanual Kant
C. Karl Marx
D. Sigmund Freud

275. The Inca civilization was raised in which country
A. Bolivia
B. Colombia
C. Peru
D. Chile

276. In which year did Chicago and some other cities of USA witness protest by the labour unions which culminated in police firing which lead to the decision to observe May 01 as Labour Day
A. 1863
B. 1866
C. 1868
D. 1886

277. Which famous book was written by Nostradamus
A. Les Propheties
B. Das Kapital
C. The Tempest
D. None of the above

278. ‘He, who does not live in a state may either be a saint or an animal’- Who said this?
A. Montesque
B. Angles
C. Sophists
D. Aristotle

279. In which year, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was established
A. 1945
B. 1948
C. 1949
D. 1952

280. What was the original name of Santa Claus?
A. St. Christopher
B. St. Peter
C. St. John
D. St. Nicolas

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