531. What was the real name of Sir Agha Khan III who become the first president of All-India Muslim League?
A. Aqa Ali Shah
B. Sultan Mahomed Shah
C. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
D. None of these

532. When did Agha Khan III, Sultan Mahomed died?
A. 11 July, 1955
B. 11 July, 1956
C. 11 July, 1957
D. 11 July, 1958

533. When Nadva-tul-Ulema came into being?
A. 1873
B. 1883
C. 1893
D. None of these

534. Nadva-tul-Ulema Lucknow was established by Maulana Abdul Ghafoor, Maulana Shibli Naumani and:
A. Maulana Abdul Haq
B. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
C. Abdul Majid Daryabadi
D. None of these

535. Maulana Shibli Naumani was an Islamic scholar from the Indian Subcontinent during:
A. Mughal Sultanate
B. British Raj
C. Sikh Empire
D. None of these

536. Who was known in history as Mujaddid Alf Thani, the Reformer of the Second Millennium?
A. Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi
B. Shah Waliullah
C. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
D. None of these

537. Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi was born on:
A. 26 June 1464
B. 26 June 1564
C. 26 June 1664
D. None of these

538. At what age, Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi died?
A. 40
B. 50
C. 60
D. 70

539. Who founded Daulatabad and shifted the capital of Delhi Sultanate?
A. Ghiyas-ud-Din Tughluq
B. Muhammad Tughluq
C. Feroz Shah Tughluq
D. None of these

540. Muhammad bin Tughluq was the eldest son of:
A. Ghiyas-ud-Din Tughluq
B. Feroz Shah Tughluq
C. Nizamuddin Auliya
D. None of these

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