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1301.The declaration that Democracy is a Government ‘of the people, by the people’ was made by

A. George Washington
B. Winston Churchill
C. Abraham Lincoln *
D. Theodore Roosevelt

1302.Who was the commander of ‘Seventh Coalition’ army that defeated Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloo

A. Arthur Wellesley *
B. Jean-de-Dieu Soult
C. Robert Clive
D. John Carnac

1303.The city of Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great in the year

A. 331 BC *
B. 325BC
C. 322 BC
D. 365 BC

1304.World renowned philosopher Karl Marx was born in the country

A. Austria
B. Germany *
C. Russia
D. Italy

1305.Who was the original inventor of roller spinning?

A. John Kay
B. Lewis Paul *
C. Richard Arkwright
D. Samuel Crompton

1306.Which one was the slogan during French Revolution

A. Liberty Authority Fraternity
B. Liberty Equality Fraternity *
C. Liberty Equality Freedom
D. Liberty Law Fraternity

1307.When was the commercial colonization of India commenced?

A. 1707
B. 1751
C. 1765
D. 1757 *

1308.Who founded the philosophy of Stoicism in Athens?

A. Chrysippus
B. Cleanthes
C. Epictetus
D. Zeno of Citium *

1309.How did Saint Boniface help to shape the German church?

A. Preaching against divorce incest and polygamy *
B. Preaching against the importance of monasteries
C. Writing the epic ‘Beowulf’
D. Writing ‘The Rule of Saint Benedict’

1310.The roots of the 1857 revolt lay in
A. Blatantly discriminatory policies
B. Exploitative land revenue policy
C. The policy of greased cartridges
D. All of the above