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1291.Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin died in the year

A. 1924 *
B. 1922
C. 1920
D. 1921

1292.East Timor, in Indonesian, Archipelago, was the former colony of

A. Dutch
B. English
C. French
D. Portuguese *

1293.Who was the last Emperor (Tsar) of Russia

A. Alexander III
B. Nicholas II *
C. Alexander II
D. Nicholas I

1294.The famous painting ‘Last Supper’ is a creation of

A. Michaelangelo
B. Vincent van Gogh
C. Leonardo Da Vinci *
D. Sandro Botticelli

1295.In which country the Head of the State gets his office by the law of hereditary succession?

A. China
B. Sri Lanka
C. France
D. Japan *

1296.Who said “Spanish ulcer was the cause of my ruin”

A. Matternich
B. Napoleon *
C. Marshal Fouch
D. Chamberlain

1297.Who is known as the Artist of the world famous painting ‘Mona Lisa’

A. Filippo Brunelleschi
B. Michelangelo
C. Vincent van Gogh
D. Leonardo da Vinci *

1298.In which year Bastille of Paris stormed by the people which lead to the French Revolution

A. 1746
B. 1779
C. 1789 *
D. 1808

1299.“The Three Emperors League” 1873 was also known as

A. Dreikaiserbund Treaty *
B. Triple Alliance
C. Reinsurance Treaty
D. The Dual Alliance

1300.When was the League of Nations established?

A. In 1918
B. In 1920 *
C. In 1939
D. In 1914