881. French Revolution was started in the Year ?
A. 1786
B. 1787
C. 1788
D. 1789

882. Young Italy movement by led by two revolutionaries, One was “Mazzini” and Other was ?
A. Garibaldi
B. Victor
C. Emmanuel
D. Louis

883. Rome was liberated by the Italian soldiers in the year ?
A. 1869
B. 1870
C. 1871
D. 1872

884. When did World War 2 start ?
A. 1937
B. 1938
C. 1939
D. 1940

885. When was Bulkan War II fought ?
A. 1912
B. 1913
C. 1914
D. 1915

886. Who is known as Man of Blood and Iron ?
A. Napoleon
B. Bismarck
C. Ho Chi Minh
D. Sir Walter Scott

887. In which year Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany ?
A. 1932
B. 1933
C. 1944
D. 1945

888. Who was the author of the “American Declaration of Independence” ?
A. Jefferson
B. Lafayette
C. George Washington
D. Thomas Paine

889. The Renaissance scientist who explained how planets moved around the sun was ?
A. Kepler
B. Rebelais
C. Francis Bacorr
D. Gutenberg

890. Russian revolutionary, who founded the Communist Party was
A. Karl Marx
B. Stalin
C. Lenin
D. Trotsky

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