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221. When was ‘Hammer of the Witches’ published?
A. 1414
B. 1471
C. 1484
D. 1487

222. Who was the first to distinguish between cause and immediate origins of an event?
A. Herodotus
B. Pericles
C. Plutarch
D. Thucydides

223. The famous painting ‘Monalisa’ was the creation of
A. Michael Angelo
B. Leonardo-da-Vinci
C. Picasso
D. Van Gogh

224. Who is the oldest British monarch to sit on the Throne?
A. Queen Victoria
B. Queen Elizabeth-II
C. Queen Mary Tudor
D. Queen Anne

225. Who officially instituted the first system of imperial examinations in China?
A. Han Wu Di
B. Huo Qubing
C. Wei Qing
D. None

226. The United Kingdom is a classic example of a/an
A. Aristocracy
B. Absolute monarchy
C. Constitutional monarchy
D. Polity

227. When was the Communist Party of China founded?
A. 1918
B. 1920
C. 1919
D. 1923

228. When were Jewish communities expelled from France?
A. 1306
B. 1453
C. 1492
D. 1376

229. In which battle did the defeat of Muslims stop their invasions?
A. Battle of Fontenoy
B. Battle of Lechfeld
C. Battle of Verdun
D. Battle of Vouille

230. Which of the following is not a religion developed in ancient time (i.e. In B.C)?
A. Shintoism
B. Zorastranianism
C. Islam
D. Tasism