631. When did Shah Waliullah died ?
A. August 20, 1762
B. August 20, 1862
C. August 20, 1962
D. None of these

632. Who recalled Muhammad Bin Qasim from Sindh?
A. Caliph Walid
B. Caliph Sulaiman
C. Caliph Abdul Aziz
D. None of these

633. When did Muhammad Bin Qasim conquered Sindh?
A. 612 AD
B. 712 AD
C. 812 AD
D. 912 AD

634. When did Muhammad Bin Qasim died?
A. July 18, 715 AD
B. July 18, 815 AD
C. July 18, 915 AD
D. None of these

635. First Session of the All-India Muslim League was held on 29-30 December 1907. Where was it held?
A. Lahore
B. Aligarh
C. Karachi
D. None of these

636. The First Session of the All-India Muslim League was presided over by
A. Allama Iqbal
B. Quaid-e-Azam
C. Mohsin-ul-Mulk
D. Sir Adamjee Pir Bhai

637. Who was appointed the first president of the All-India Muslim League?
A. Allama Iqbal
B. Sir Aga Khan
C. Mohsin-ul-Mulk
D. Muhammad Ali Johar

638. The main occupation of the Indus valley civilization was:
A. Agriculture
B. Cattle Rearing
C. Hunting
D. None of these

639. Moenjodaro means:
A. Civilized City
B. Mound of Dead
C. Garden
D. None of these

640. Indus civilization is also known as:
A. Harrapan Civilization
B. Kot Diji Civilization
C. Taxila Civilization
D. None of these

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