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51. Which war was formally ended with the Treaty of Portsmouth
A. World War I
B. World War II
C. Russo-Japanese War
D. China Japan War

52. The song ‘Jana-Mana’ composed by Rabindranath Tagore was first published in January 1912 under the title of
A. Jay He
B. Rashtra Jagriti
C. Bharat Vidhata
D. Mathrubhumi

53. The last constitutional provision (covering undivided India) passed by the House of Commons was
A. Government of India Act 1935.
B. Cabinet Mission Plan
C. Mountbatten (or June 3) Plan
D. Indian Independence Bill

54. 1917 is known for
A. Battle of Trafalgar
B. Battle of Waterloo
C. End of the World War-I
D. The Russian Revolution

55. The Bloodless Revolution of 1688 was started in which country
A. England.
B. Italy
C. Portugal
D. France

56. When did the Germans establish colonies in New Guinea?
A. 1884
B. 1898
C. 1899
D. 1900

57. When did John Cabot visit Cape Breton Island?
A. 1497
B. 1500
C. 1524
D. 1350

58. When was Charlemagne crowned as Roman Emperor?
A. 800
B. 860
C. 871
D. 899

59. William Shakespeare was born in the year
A. 1487
B. 1523
C. 1564.
D. 1588

60. What was the reason for the breakup of the Carolingan Empire?
A. Charlemagne’s descendants were politically weak and disunited
B. Vikings began raiding northern France
C. Charlemagne’s grandsons divided the empire into three parts
D. All the above

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