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 1261.In Greek mythology, Apollo is the god of what?
A. Prophecy
B. Medicine
C. Love
D. Peace

 1262.What is the name of the World’s smallest republic which has an area of 21 sq. km only?
A. Nauru
B. Palermo
C. Vatican City
D. Namur

1263.When did the Battle of Crecy take place?
A. 1327
B. 1337
C. 1346
D. 1376

 1264.When did the Nawabs of Bengal surrender to the British East India Company?
A. 1707
B. 1751
C. 1757
D. 1765

1265.What according to Communism is the chief enemy of the society?
A. Private property
B. Religion
C. Surplus value
D. Capitalist class

1266.When did China start the Civil Services Examination?

A. 605 *
B. 1905
C. 1920
D. 1949

1267.Who was the first Chancellor of Germany

A. Leo von Caprivi
B. Adolf Hitler
C. Otto von Bismarck *
D. Hans Luther

1268.Who was the first to distill petroleum?

A. Benjamin Silliman *
B. Cathryn J. Prince
C. Edward Hitchcock
D. James Dwight Dana

1269.Who founded the Great Seljuq Empire in 1037

A. Seljuq Beg
B. Tughril Beg *
C. Alp Arslan
D. Malik-Shah I

1270.Which of the following countries is regarded as the home of ‘Fabian Socialism’?

A. Russia
B. England *
C. France
D. Italy