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1011.How many years slave dynasty ruled India?

A. 82
B. 84 *
C. 86
D. None of these

1012.Bengal was divided into two parts. In which part the Muslims were in majority?

A. Western Bengal
B. Eastern Bengal *
C. North Western Bengal
D. None of these

1013.Lord ________ issued an order of diving the province of bengal into two parts in July 20, 1905.

A. Lord lytton
B. Lord Curzon *
C. Lord Hastings
D. Lord Wallington

1014.During the First World War, which country signed the Peace Treaty (1917) with Germany

A. England
C. Russia *
D. Austria

1016. When did United Kingdom declared war on Germany which lead to World War II?

A. 4th April 1939
B. 18th August 1939
C. 28th August 1939
D. 3rd September 1939 *

1017.In which year, America joined the Second World War

A. 1939
B. 1940
C. 1941 *
D. 1942

1018. The immediate cause for the out break of the first World War was

A. The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand *
B. The imprisonment of Lenin
C. The ambition of America to dominate the world
D. The sudden death of Lloyd George

1019. Who were the Axis powers in World War-II?

A. Poland Japan Germany
B. Italy Japan Britain
C. Germany Italy France
D. Germany Italy Japan *

1020. On which side did Japan fight in the First World War?

A. None it was neutral
B. With Germany against United Kingdom
C. Against Russia on its own
D. With United Kingdom against Germany *