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611. When did Sir Syed Ahmad Khan established the booklet Asbab-e-Baghawat-e-Hind, In which he studied the causes of the Indian revolt?
A. 1855
B. 1857
C. 1859
D. 1860

612. Where did Sir Syed Ahmad Khan founded a modern madrassa in 1859, which was one of the first religious school to impart scientific education ?
A. Aligarh
B. Muradabad
C. Ghazipur
D. Bijnaur

613. Where, during the War of Independence, was Sir Syed Ahmad Khan working/posted?
A. Delhi
B. Bijnaur
C. Aligarh
D. None of these

614. When did Sir Ahmad Khan entered the service of East India Company?
A. 1832
B. 1835
C. 1838
D. 1840

615. Which university awarded Sir Syed Ahmad Khan an honorary LLD in 1889?
A. University of Edinburgh
B. University of Aligarh
C. University of New York
D. None of these

616. Who drafted Wardha Scheme
A. Dr. Zakir Hussain
B. AK Azad
C. Nehru
D. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

617. Which of the following was/were the drawback(s) of the Government of India Act of 1858?
A. Control of the Secretary of State for India and his Council was bureaucratic in nature
B. Expense of the Secretary of State for India and his Council became a burden on Indian revenues
C. Both of these
D. None of these

618. When was the Government of India Act 1858 passed?
A. August 2
B. June 2
C. February 2
D. None of these

619. Who introduced the bill which was originally titled as “An Act for the Better Government of India” and it was passed on August 2, 1858?
A. Queen Victoria
B. Cord Palmerston
C. Edward Henry Stanley
D. None of these

620. Faraizi Movement was primarily a religious movement. What change Dudhu Mian brought in the movement?
A. Transferred it into a guerrilla movement
B. Transferred it into a political movement
C. Transferred it into a cultural movement
D. None of these