1211.When did the Battle of Kosovo take place?
A. 1261
B. 1366
C. 1389
D. 1396

1212.When were concave spectacles invented?
A. 1286
B. 1320
C. 1360
D. 1000

1213.Where did the practice of Shadow Cabinet originate?
A. United States of America
B. Great Britain
C. Italy
D. France

1214.When did the second Russian revolution start
A. August 1905
B. February 1917
C. October 1917
D. March 1921

 1215.During which US President period, the Cuban Missile Crisis conflict was occurred
A. Lyndon
B. Johnson
C. Richard Nixon
D. John F. Kennedy

 1216.When was the building of the Parthenon at Athens started?
A. 447 BC
B. 424 BC
C. 404 BC
D. 399 BC

1217.When was the Ottonian dynasty replaced by the Salian dynasty?
A. 1024
B. 1084
C. 1105
D. 1111

1218.Who defeated Hannibal at Battle of Zama?
A. Cato the Elder
B. Scipio Aemilianus
C. Scipio Africanus
D. Hasdrubal

 1219.In which year Christopher Columbus discovered america
A. 1502
B. 1339
C. 1405
D. 1492

1220.Marxian materialism came from the idea of
A. Hegel
B. Feuerbach
C. Drwin
D. Engels

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