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1311. History is ______.

A. Art
B. Science
C. Science of specific kind
D. Both science & Art *

1312. Whose saying is this ” History is unending dialogue between the present and past.

A. Gooch
B. Carr *
C. Elton
D. Firth

1313. Diplomatic history is a branch of ______.

A. Social history
B. Legal history
C. Political history *
D. Economic history

1314. By was authored ” The idead of history?

A. Gooch
B. Elton
C. Gottchalk
D. Collingwood *

1315. Who had remarked ” History is past politics , politics is present history’?

A. Gustavson
B. Seeley
C. Freeman *
D. Morris

1316. Which was the biggest religion in Arabia at the advent of islam _____.

A. Christianity
B. Jewism
C. Idoltary *
D. Deen-e-Ibrahim

1317. Which was special god of the quraish of Makkah in the Jahiliyah period______.

A. Al- Hubal *
B. Al- Manat
C. Al- Lat
D. Uzzah

1318. Which practices did prevail in Arabia in the period of darkness_____.

A. Polygamy *
B. Polyandry
C. Exogamy
D. Endogamy

1319. A Mohenjodaro how many racial typels lived?

A. 4 *
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6

1320. Who had authored ” History of the arabs”?

A. Ameer Ali
B. Philip K_Hitti *
C. Haikal
D. W_Munir