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121. Who was the first Roman emperor who converted to Christianity
A. Augustus
B. Caligula
C. Constantine the Great
D. Cicero

122. Hernan Cortez was a Conquistador from
A. England
B. Holland
C. Portugal
D. Spain

123. Which monarch is known as ‘the Sun King’ and also the longest of monarchs of major countries in European history
A. Louis XIV of France
B. Henry III of England
C. Louis XIII of France
D. Edward I of England

124. Who is the first crowned Czar (Tsar) of Russia
A. Peter I
B. Ivan IV (the Terrible)
C. Nicholas I
D. John Adams

125. The capital city of Umayyad Caliphate was
A. Baghdad
B. Madina
C. Kahira
D. Damascus

126. Slash and burn agriculture is known as ‘Milpa’ in
A. Venezuela
B. Brazil
C. Central Africa
D. Mexico and Central America

127. When did Otto I secure recognition of his title?
A. 936
B. 972
C. 973
D. 967

128. D-Day is the day when
A. Germany declared war on Britain
B. US dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima
C. Allied Troops landed in Normandy
D. Germany surrendered to the allies

129. How many years did Elizabeth I reign England
A. 32 Years
B. 36 Years
C. 40 Years
D. 44 Years

130. Which Goddess was worshipped as the “Goddess of Wisdom” by the Greeks
A. Athena
B. Apollo
C. Zeus
D. Diana

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