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1141.Who is generally consider as the first pharaoh of Egypt

A. Menes *
B. Semerkhet
C. Takelot I
D. Tutankhamun

1142.Sir William Wallace is known as the independence fighter of

A. Denmark
B. Scotland *
C. Ireland
D. Italy

1143.When was the Tripartite Pact signed?

A. 1939
B. 1940 *
C. 1941
D. 1945

1144.Napoleon got finally over thrown in the Battle of Waterloo in the year

A. 1814
B. 1813
C. 1815 *
D. 1816

1145.The Battle of Waterloo was fought in the year

A. 1800
B. 1805
C. 1807
D. 1815 *

1146.Who said “Liberty consists in obedience to the general will”?

A. Hobbes
B. Rousseau *
C. Green
D. Laski

1147.Who declared that Bolshevism must be “strangled in its cradle”?

A. Adolf Hitler
B. Benito Mussolini
C. Franklin
D. Winston Churchill *

1148.When did the British establish colonies in New Zealand?

A. 1814
B. 1840 *
C. 1872
D. 1830

1149.What was the name of the atom bomb dropped in Hiroshima city

A. Fat Boy
B. Fat Man
C. Little Boy *
D. Scorpion

1150.The Battle of the Hydaspes was fought by Alexander the Great against

A. King Darius III
B. Bessus
C. King Porus *
D. Spitamenes