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1521. The British East india company added to its annual revenue through this lapse doctrine amount of :

A. Four Million pounds sterling *
B. One Million Pounds Sterling
C. Three Million pounds Sterling
D. None of these

1522. The partition of Bengal was the ideas of :

A. Curzon *
B. Lord Canning
C. Sir Robert Napier
D. Lord Dalhousie

1523. Under Indian Council Act,1861 the representation of indians by nominations was raised from 6 to :

A. 12 *
B. 13
C. 11
D. 14

1524. Indian Council act of 1892 was the :

A. First legislation
B. Second legislation *
C. Third Legislation
D. None of these

1525. Government of India Act 1919, Montagu-chelmsford Reforms introduced diarchy system in the :

A. Provinces *
B. Center
C. Both
D. None of these

1526. Government of India act 1919 introduced a system in which to distribute powers at the provincial level means :

A. Diarchy System *
B. Provincial Autonomy
C. Local self-government
D. All of the above

1527. Government of India Act 1935 Introduced first time the system of :

A. Federalism *
B. Provincialism
C. Localization
D. None of them

1528. In 1717, Mughal ruler Farrukhsiyar and the British east india company signed an agreement that decided the future of india as :

A. British Colony *
B. Independent India
C. Mughal Rule in subcontinent
D. None of these

1529. Why Farrukhsiyar, the Mughal ruler , Did not tolerate the Saiyid’s ?

A. Farrukhsiyar Supremacy phenomena
B. Irritating from saiyid brothers
C. Doubt that they are plotting against him
D. All of the above *

1530. The Shivaji bhonsle was recognized as the :

A. Father of the Maratha Nation *
B. Leader of Maratha
C. Quaid of Maratha
D. None of these