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181. When was the kingdom between the Rhine and Rhone rivers created?
A. 843
B. 864
C. 876
D. 877

182. Ho Chi Minh was a leader of
A. North Vietnam
B. South Vietnam
C. North Korea
D. South Korea

183. Who is the Duchess of Cornwall?
A. Diana
B. Camilla
C. Anne
D. Margaret

184. Who was the first Roman Emperor
A. Caligula
B. Claudius
C. Augustus
D. Nero

185. When did the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki happen?
A. 1941
B. 1942
C. 1945
D. 1940

186. 36.In which year the Battle of the Hydaspes was fought between Alexander and Porus
A. 302 BC
B. 310 BC
C. 312 BC
D. 326 BC

187. Japan’s Parliament is known as
A. Diet
B. Dail
C. Yuan
D. Shora

188. John Locke profounded
A. Social Contract Theory
B. Theory of Divine Rights
C. Patriarchal Theory
D. Theory of Force

189. ‘Mein Kampf’ is the autobiography of
A. Maxim Gorky
B. Adolf Hitler
C. Oscar Wilde
D. Winston Churchill

190. When was the first communist manifesto written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
A. 1848
B. 1859
C. 1872
D. 1890

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