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1341. The Doctarine of lapse was an ;

A. Annexation policy of British east india company *
B. Occupation policy of British east india company
C. Takeover policy of British east india company
D. None of these

1342. Second World war ended in _______.

A. 1940
B. 1914
C. 1939
D. 1945 *

1343. Urdu Hindi controversy started in ______.

A. 1857
B. 1859
C. 1867 *
D. 1885

1344. Nawab Saleemullah khan was the muslim leader who left the politics after the cancelation____.

A. Partition of Bengal *
B. Transfer of capital from calcutta to delhi
C. Banaras urdu hindi conflict
D. None of these

1345. In which round table conference All india muslim league and indian national congress not participated?

A. First round table conference
B. 2nd Round table conference
C. 3rd Round table conference *
D. None of these

1346. Muhammad Ali Jinnah presented fourteen point proposal at the session of All india muslim league council at Delhi on 28th March________.

A. 1929 *
B. 1927
C. 1930
D. 1931

1347. Sir Syed Ahmad khan visited England from 1869-1870 .The main objective of his tour of England was ________.

A. To study the European educational system *
B. To meet his close friends
C. To research for his next book
D. To attend a wedding ceremony in england

1348. In 1937 elections, Muslim league best performance was in united provincess where it was secured _______.

A. 29 out of 64 Muslim seats *
B. 30 out of 64 Muslim seats
C. 27 out of 64 Muslim seats
D. 33 out of 64 Muslim seats

1349. How many boundary commission were established according to the 3rd June Plan?

A. 2 *
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

1350. The Mohammad Anglo- Oriental college (MAO) was founded in Aligarh on________.

A. 1875 *
B. 1876
C. 1877
D. 1878