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341. Who among the following is referred to as ‘Desert Fox’?
A. Lord Wavell
B. Gen. Eisen hover
C. Gen. Rommel
D. Gen. McArthur

342. From which city, the Russian revolution of 1917 begin
A. Petrograd
B. Moscow
C. Warsaw
D. Ukraine

343. What was the name of the assassinator of John F. Kennedy
A. Lee Harvey Oswald
B. John Wilkes Booth
C. John Surratt
D. None of the above

344. When was the Trans-Siberian Railway completed?
A. 1872
B. 1882
C. 1890
D. 1916

345. Which one country is still governed by a monarch?
A. Afghanistan
B. Iran
C. Iraq
D. Saudi Arabia

346. The first atomic bomb was thrown over
A. Nagasaki
B. Hiroshima
C. Tokyo
D. Hong Kong

347. Who developed system ranks of binary patterns?
A. Baudhayana
B. Aryabhata
C. Mahavira
D. Pingala

348. Which decade is called as the “Era of Decolonisation”?
A. 1950’s
B. 1980’s
C. 1990’s
D. 1970’s

349. Which of the following is the name of US Parliament?
A. Diet
B. Senate
C. Congress
D. House of commons

350. Which one is the oldest existing University in the World
A. University of Oxford
B. University of al-Karaouine
C. Al-Azhar University
D. University of Bologna