401. Who is known as the founder of Yuan Dynasty in China
A. Kublai Khan
B. Genghis Khan
C. Batu Khan
D. Berke Khan

402. When were Jewish communities expelled from England?
A. 1290
B. 1306
C. 1492
D. 1453

403. The theory of “natural rights” was propounded by
A. Hobbes
B. Locke
C. Bentham
D. Marx

404. Who was the first historian to use tripartite periodisation?
A. Bernardo Rossellino
B. Coluccio Salutati
C. Leonardo Bruni
D. Lorenzo Valla

405. Who was the Emperor of Russia during Russian Revolution
A. Alexander III
B. Nicholas II
C. Nicholas I
D. Alexander II

406. When was Russia proclaimed as an Empire?
A. 1682
B. 1721
C. 1725
D. 1762

407. Economic dimensions of justice have been emphasised by
A. Idealists
B. Capitalists
C. Socialists
D. Fascists

408. Who has given a call “Go back to nature”?
A. Plato
B. Aristotle
C. Rousseau
D. Hobbes

409. The British Conservative Party was earlier known as
A. Whigs
B. Fabians
C. Levellors
D. Tories

410. In which year ‘University of Oxford’ was founded
A. 1096
B. 1562
C. 1117
D. 1342

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