1181.Who was the founder of the Satavahana dynasty?

A. Gautamiputra Satakarni
B. Deimachus
C. Nahapana
D. Simuka *

1182.When did Henry Tudor seize the crown?

A. 1420
B. 1431
C. 1453
D. 1485 *

1183.In which year Napoleon I crowned himself as Emperor of France

A. 1799
B. 1804 *
C. 1807
D. 1812

1184.Who united Norway, Denmark and, Sweden?

A. Albert King of Sweden
B. Eric of Pomerania
C. Haakon VI of Norway
D. Margaret I of Denmark *

1185.The policy of racial discrimination followed in South Africa was called

A. Non-Aligned
B. Civil Rights Movement
C. Apartheid *
D. Suffrage

1186.In which year the Act of Union passed which joined England and Scotland into a single United Kingdom

A. 1702
B. 1707 *
C. 1715
D. 1756

1187.On which island of France, Napoleon was born

A. Saint Helena
B. Corsica *
C. Elba
D. Oleron

1188.Cortez discovered Mexico in the year

A. 1506
B. 1519 *
C. 1532
D. 1560

1189.The Triple Alliance agreement between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy was formed in the year

A. 1882 *
B. 1889
C. 1901
D. 1909

1190.When did the king Ferdinand VII die?

A. 1808
B. 1829
C. 1833 *
D. 1898

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