991. When the Constituent Assembly passed the Objective Resolution
A. 9th June 1949
B. 14th February 1949
C. 15th August 1949
D. 12th March 1949

992. The whole area of Harappan culture represents a-
A. circular area
B. square area
C. zigzag formation
D. triangular area

993. The most common materials used for the Harappan stone sculptures are
A. Hard stone
B. Hard stone and white marble
C. soft limestone and steatite
D. granite

994. Which one of the following processes was used in the manufacture of Harappan seals ?
A. Punching
B. Moulding
C. Casting
D. Cutting

995. Which one of the following metals made its earliest appearance in India before any other place in the world?
A. Copper
B. Gold
C. Tin
D. Silver

996. In weighing, the Harappans commonly used
A. 9 and its multiples
B. 10 and its multiples
C. 16 and its multiples
D. 4 and its multiples

997. which of following ruling dynasties has not been mentioned in the Sangam litrature?
A. Kadamba
B. chera
C. chola
D. pandya

998. The vedangas consist of
A. Kalpa, Siksha, Nerukta, Vykarana, Chandas, Jyotisha
B. Kalpa, Siksha, Brahmana, Vykarana, Chandas, Jyotisha
C. Kalpa, Siksha, Nerukta, Aranyaka, Chandas, Jyotisha
D. Kalpa, Upanishad, Nerukta, Aranyaka

999. Kharosthi script was derived from
A. Pictograph
B. Aramaic
C. Brahmani
D. Cuniform script

1000. One of the founders of Indian National Congress was ___
A. Allan O. Hume
B. Gandhi
C. Nehru
D. AK Azad

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