1051.The famous painting ‘Monalisa’ was the creation of

A. Michael Angelo
B. Leonardo-da-Vinci *
C. Picasso
D. Van Gogh

1052.Who was popularly known as Africa’s Gandhi?

A. Mir Karzai
B. Firoz Gandhi
C. Nelson Mandela *
D. M.K.Gandhi

1053.Who made tripartite periodisation standard?

A. Andreas Cellarius
B. Christoph Cellarius *
C. Flavio Biondo
D. Genseric

1054. In which year Napoleon I crowned himself as Emperor of France

A. 1799
B. 1804 *
C. 1807
D. 1812

1055.Who united Norway, Denmark and, Sweden?

A. Albert King of Sweden
B. Eric of Pomerania
C. Haakon VI of Norway
D. Margaret I of Denmark *

1056.The policy of racial discrimination followed in South Africa was called

A. Non-Aligned
B. Civil Rights Movement
C. Apartheid *
D. Suffrage

1057.Who was the US President during World War II

A. Winston Churchill
B. Joseph Stalin
C. Franklin D Roosevelt *
D. Harry S Truman

1058.One of the important factors that led to the World War-II the humiliating provisions in one of the following treaties. Which is that treaty?

A. Treaty of Paris
B. Treaty of Versailles *
C. Treaty of Lorraine
D. Treaty of Brussels

1059.Who is the oldest British monarch to sit on the Throne?

A. Queen Victoria
B. Queen Elizabeth-II *
C. Queen Mary Tudor
D. Queen Anne

1060.Who officially instituted the first system of imperial examinations in China?

A. Han Wu Di *
B. Huo Qubing
C. Wei Qing
D. None

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