1151.Like Vedic Aryans, the custom of Sacrificial fire was also followed by

A. Romans
B. Greeks
C. Iranians
D. All of the above *

1152.Constantinople, the capital of Roman Empire was captured by Turks in the year

A. 1385
B. 1415
C. 1453 *
D. 1469

1153.Pablo Picasso, the famous painter was

A. French
B. Italian
C. Flemish
D. Spanish *

1154.The Law of Twelve Tables was concerned with which civilization

A. Egypt
B. Greece
C. Rome *
D. China

1155.Of the following, in which did Napolenic France suffer final defeat?

A. Battle of Trafalgar *
B. Battle of Wagram
C. Battle of Pyramids
D. Battle of Austerlitz

1156.The chief advocate of Fascism was

A. Mussolini *
B. Adolf Hitler
C. St. Simon
D. Robert Owen

1157.Indonesia was a colony of which of the following countries?

A. Dutch *
B. Portugal
C. Spain
D. Belgium

1158.When was Seville incorporated into the Christian Kingdom of Castile?

A. 1200
B. 1248 *
C. 1203
D. 1261

1159.The Industrial Revolution in England represented the climax of the transition from

A. Slavery to feudalism
B. Feudalism to capitalism *
C. Capitalism to socialism
D. Socialism to market socialism

1160.Who was the first Roman emperor who converted to Christianity

A. Augustus
B. Caligula
C. Constantine the Great *
D. Cicero

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