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931. Java language was originally developed for operating?
B. TV Set-top box
C. Embedded System equipment
D. All the above

932. What type of Java Programs can be run inside a Java supported Web Browser?
A. Stand alone
B. Struts
C. Applets

933. Whic company owns Java at present?
B. Microsoft
C. Sun Microsystems
D. Oracle

934. What was the reason for huge initial success of Java?
A. WWW (World Wide Web)
B. Smart TV Evolution
C. Smart Home Automation
D. None of the above

935. The country called “George Cross Island” is
A. Malta
B. Venezuela
C. Germany
D. Lithuania

936. What is the advantage of EXE files?
A. Run Faster
B. Efficient
C. No separate program required to run
D. All the above

937. Computer Viruses and Trojans are often transmitted along with which files?
A. JPG files
B. TXT files
C. EXE files
D. .ICO files

938. What is the problem with generation Executable Software (EXE files)?
A. Run only on Windows machines.
B. Linux and Unix expect a different executable format than .EXE
C. Compiler for each machine type like Linux, Unix, Windows and Processor Type needs to be built for generating output files that can run.
D. All the above.

939. What is an Interpreter?
A. An interpreter converts instructions line by line
B. An Interpreter converts source code to low-level code
C. Interpreters are slow to execute
D. All the above

940. What is a Compiler?
A. A Compiler converts all instructions in one go.
B. A compiler converts source code to low-level code
C. Compilers work fast
D. All the above