241. When did Xinhai Revolution occur?
A. 1872
B. 1900
C. 1911
D. 1912

242. When did the Three Kingdoms period begin in China?
A. 220
B. 226
C. 238
D. 280

243. What does the opening scene of Beowulf describe?
A. The arrival of Scyld Scefing in Denmark
B. The birth of Beowulf
C. The death of Beowulf
D. The defeat of the monster Grendel

244. Which Roman Emperor had banned the ancient Olympic games
A. Julius Caesar
B. Arcadius
C. Theodosius
D. Tacitus

245. How did Abu al-Abbas become well known in the court of Charlemagne?
A. Beloved pet from an Indian king
B. Distinguished diplomat from the Islamic world
C. Gift from the Abbasid court
D. Muslim enemy of the king

246. The slogan of the French Revolution was
A. One nation, one leader and one flag
B. Government of the people, by the people and for the people
C. Liberty, equality and fraternity
D. None of these

247. The painting “Virgin of the rocks” was a work of
A. Raphael
B. Michelangelo
C. Leonardo da Vinci
D. Vincent van Gogh

248. Who said “Where there is no law, there is no freedom”?
A. Bentham
B. Lenin
C. Marx
D. Locke

249. In European history, which year is known as the year of revolution
A. 1732
B. 1765
C. 1848
D. 1896

250. What were the collective farms under Stalin’s Collectivization Programme in Russia known as
A. Kolkhoz
B. Ferma
C. Lider
D. Kollektsiya

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