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751. Mahzarnama was declared by ____?
A. Babur
B. Humayun
C. Akbar
D. Shahjahan

752. Which among the following rulers of Delhi Sultanate declared himself as Sikandar-I-Sani?
A. [Balban
B. Kaiqubad
C. Alauddin Khilji
D. Firoz Tughlaq

753. Who among the following was the Sultan of Delhi, when the Mongols appeared for the first time in India’s soil?
A. Balban
B. Iltutmish
C. Jalal-ud Din Firoz
D. Razia

754. ‘Padshah-nama’ (Chronicle of the Emperor) written by Abdul Hamid Lahori, is the official visual history giving a detailed account of the reign of which of the following Mughal Emperor?
A. Babur
B. Jahanagir
C. Shah Jahan
D. Aurangzeb

755. Ustad Isa is related to the design and architecture of which of the following Buildings in Mughal Era?
A. Taj Mahal
B. Buland Darwaza
C. Red fort
D. Itimad-ud-daula’s tomb

756. In whose times the Mughal Empire reached its territorial climax?
A. Akbar
B. Shah Jahan
C. Aurangzeb
D. Bahadur Shah I

757. Which among the following terms precisely defines the loans given to cultivators for seeds, farm implements etc. in the Sultanate and Mughal period?
A. Dams
B. Dahsala
C. Taqqavi
D. Nasaq

758. Which among the following Mughal emperor had prohibited smoking use of tobacco in 1617 AD?
A. Akbar
B. Jahanagir
C. Shahjahan
D. Aurangzeb

759. During the reign of which among the following Mughal rulers, maximum number of books on classical music were written?
A. Akbar
B. Jahanagir
C. Shahjahan
D. Aurangzeb

760.Humayun Nama was written by which of the following authors?

A. Humayun
B. Khwand Amir
C. Gulbadan Beghum
D. Abu Faza