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261. When was Jin Dynasty established?
A. 238
B. 280
C. 285
D. 313

262. Who advocated Nazism in Germany?
A. Frederick William-IV
B. Adolf Hitler
C. Bismarck
D. William-III

263. ‘Boston Tea Party’ protest was associated with the revolution of
A. America
B. Italy
C. Franch
D. India

264. Who established the Edo society?
A. Akechi Mitsuhide
B. Kuroda Yoshitaka
C. Oda Nobunaga
D. Toyotomi Hideyoshi

265. When did the Constitution of Australia come into force?
A. 1901
B. 1906
C. 1909
D. 1910

266. The island of Corsica is associated with
A. Mussolini
B. Hitler
C. Napoleon Bonaparte
D. Winston Churchill

267. What was the significance of the Battle of Tours in 732?
A. Charlemagne converted many Muslims to Christianity
B. Charles Martel became King of France
C. It stopped the Muslim advance into Europe
D. Muslims gained control of Spain

268. From which country, the tradition of written Constitution began
A. Japan
B. India
C. Britain
D. America

269. ‘Mein Kampf’ is the autobiography which political leader
A. Joseph Stalin
B. Benito Mussolini
C. Winston Churchill
D. Adolf Hitler

270. What was the name of the secret police party of Nazi in Germany
A. Gestapo
D. Palace Guard