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301. The Treaty of Versailles humiliated
A. Austria
B. Germany
C. England
D. France

302. Which Ottoman Sultan defeat Byzantine Empire and capture Constantinople city in 1453
A. Mehmed II
B. Bayezid II
C. Murad II
D. Mehmed IV

303. Who discovered Cape of Good Hope in 1488?
A. Magellan
B. Columbus
C. Bartholomew Dias
D. Vasco da Gama

304. Who is renowned for his redefinition of sexual desire?
A. Carl Jung
B. Friedrich Nietzsche
C. Jacques Lacan
D. Sigmund Freud

305. When was the Carolingian dynasty replaced in the western lands?
A. 911
B. 918
C. 987
D. 996

306. The Great Depression in the 1930s refers to
A. A tropical storm that raged for weeks
B. An ailment afflicting millions overhung to a new vector borne disease
C. An economic hollowing out leading to widespread unemployment and collapse of stock values
D. A prolonged seasonal influence of unpredictable weather owing to earthquakes and tsunamis

307. The declaration of the Rights of Man is related with
A. The Russian Revolution
B. The French Revolution
C. The American War of Independence
D. The Glorious Revolution of England

308. National Socialist German Workers Party was also known as
A. Nazi Party
B. The Left
C. National Fascist Party
D. None of Above

309. When did Charlemagne conquer the Lombards?
A. 752
B. 753
C. 757
D. 774

310. Which U.S President announced the “New Deal” for economic recovery in the aftermath of the Great Depression?
A. Abraham Lincoln
B. Benjamin Franklin
C. Roosevelt
D. J.F. Kennedy