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901. First World War started in which year ?
A. 1914
B. 1916
C. 1918
D. 1920

902. When did India Join the UN
A. October 30, 1947
B. October 30, 1945
C. September 30, 1948
D. September 30, 1945

903. Gwadar Port is constructed in the province of
A. Punjab
B. Sindh
C. Kpk
D. Balochistan

904. The earliest Chinese civilization of which archaeologists tell us in the _______ civilization
A. Cheng
B. Chou
C. Shang
D. Chang Ziang

905. The schools which taught primary education to Muslims during the period of sultanate
A. Mukhaddams
B. Makthabs
C. Kohies
D. None

906. Who said that ” Man is a political animal” ?
A. Aristotle
B. Karl Marx
C. Lenin
D. Plato

907. Whose body is the most famous mummy from Egyptian history?
A. Abdel Nasser
B. Pharaoh Sanders
C. Tutankhamen
D. Cleopatra

908. Which of these was an Egyptian king?
A. Sobhuza
B. Zog
C. Farouk
D. Andrew

909. Which of these would you likely find in an Egyptian tomb?
A. Marshmallow
B. Muskrat
C. Mummy
D. Mummer

910. In Egyptian mythology, who was the wife of Osiris?
A. Oslo
B. Isis
C. Ozzy
D. Iris