851.Clostridium perfringens (2 CORRECT)
A.Causes myonecrosis via theta toxin
B.Is locally invasive
C.Produces a cytotoxin
D.Causes diarrhea
E.Is spread nosocomially

852.Staph aureus
A.Has receptors on its surface that allow binding to host endothelial cells
B.Has a capsule that allows it to attach to artificial materials
C.Has a lipase that degrades lipids on the skin surface
D.Has enterotoxins that stimulate emetic receptors in the abdominal viscera
E.All of the above

853.All of the following are DNA viruses except

854.the pathogenicity of Mycoplasma TB is due to
A.impaired antibody response/cell mediated
B.hypersensitivity response to products of TB bacteria
C.due to expanding granuloma
D.due to caseous necrosis
E.direct host cell killing by the bacillus

855.Staph aureus can cause all of the following except
A.Food poisoning
D.Scarlet fever
E.Scalded skin syndrome

856.Non-thrombocytopenic purpura is associated with
A.Aplastic anaemia

857.In viral hepatitis
A.The majority of cases of acute hepatitis B infection result in a carrier state, without clinical evidence of disease
B.Anti HBs appears in the first week of infection
C.Anti HCV IgG does not confer immunity to Hep C
D.The major cause of death from Hep B is hepatocellular carcinoma
E.Hep A has an outer surface envelope of protein, lipid and carbohydrate

858.Ayoung baby presents with jaundice, dark urine and pale stools, most likely the problem is
A.Physiologic jaundice of the newborn
B.Breast milk jaundice
C.Gilbert’s syndrome
D.Biliary atresia
E.None of the above

859.Splenic rupture
A.Can occasionally occur spontaneously in normal spleens
B.Often causes little blood loss
C.Is encountered most commonly in infectious mononucleosis
D.May result in speniculi
E.Must be considered in ITP

860.Regarding cirrhosis
A.Focal changes can constitute cirrhosis
B.Delicate tracts of type II collagen are deposited
C.Shunts occur in the rectum, oesophagus, retroperitoneum and falciform ligament
D.The dominant intrahepatic cause of portal hypertension is massive fatty change
E.Hypoalbuminaemia is initially due to decreased production