671. The commonest site of a Berry aneurysm in the Circle of Willis is
A. junction of anterior cerebral and anterior communicating arteries
B. junction of middle cerebral and internal carotid arteries
C. bifurcation of the basilar artery
D. the middle cerebral artery
E. junction of the posterior cerebral and posterior communicating arteries

672. The virus causing molluscum contagiosum belongs to the following viral family
A. adeno
B. herpes
C. parvo
E. picorna

673. Most pulmonary emboli
A. cause centrally located pulmonary haemorrhage
B. cause pulmonary infarction
C. cause acute right heart failure
D. are clinically silent
E. lead to pulmonary hypertension

674. Acute pancreatitis
A. may be caused by Helminth infection
B. causes hypercalcaemia
C. develops in 50% of patients with gallstones
D. leads to inhibition of elastase
E. involves acinar cell injury as a late event

675. Which of the following is not a para-neoplastic syndrome associated with lung carcinoma
A. ectopic ADH secretion
B. dermatomyositis
C. migratory thrombophlebitis
D. Eaton-Lambert (myasthenic) syndrome
E. thrombocytosis

676. Which of the following tumour is benign
A. chondrosarcoma
B. osteochondroma
C. chondroblastoma
D. Ewing’s tumour
E. none of the above

677. Which of the following is not a feature of acute Crohn’s disease
A. segmental lesions
B. serosal involvement
C. fissures penetrating deep into the wall of affected mucosa
D. inflammatory pseudo-polyps
E. epithelioid granulomata

678. A 50-year old woman presents with back pain. X-rays suggest a malignant deposit in the 10th thoracic vertebra. The least likely primary site is
A. breast
B. ovary
C. thyroid
D. kidney
E. colon

679. Regarding haemorrhagic infarction of the brain, which of the following is not true
A. it usually results from an embolic event
B. it usually contains multiple petechial haemorrhages which may be confluent
C. the distinction between this and non haemorrhagic infarcts is clinically insignificant
D. the haemorrhages are presumed to be secondary to reperfusion injury
E. the size of it will depend in part upon the collateral blood supply to that area

680. The histological appearance of contraction brands in association with acute myocardial infarction indicate
A. previous old myocardial infarctions
B. early aneurysmal formation
C. compensatory responses to decreased myocardial contractility
D. a right ventricular infarct
E. recent reperfusion therapy