221. The protein found in the amyloid deposits in senile systemic amyloidosis is_________________?
A. AL protein
B. a2 microglobulin
C. a-amyloid protein
D. Transthyretin

222. Which of the following is NOT true of dystrophic calcification ?
A. Occurs in damaged tissue
B. Tuberculous lesions
C. Atherosclerotic lesions
D. Serum calcium levels are high

223. The activation of caspases is likely to lead to_________________?
A. Apoptotic cell death
B. Blood coagulation
C. Mitotic cell division
D. G1 to S phase of cell cycle

224. Pernicious anaemia is associated with the deficiency of________________?
A. Folic acid
B. Vitamin B1
C. Vitamin B6
D. Vitamin B12

225. In sickle cell anemia there is substitution of_________________?
A. Valine for glutamic acid at the sixth position of beta chain
B. Phenylalanine for glutamic acid
C. Tyrosine for valine at the 6th position at beta chain
D. All of the above

226. In hemephilic patient which of the following should not be given_______________?
A. Factor VIII concentrate
B. Cryoprecipitate
D. Platelet factor

227. A reduction in the total leucocyte count is called_________________?
A. Leucocytosis
B. Leucopenia
C. Leucorrhoea
D. Leukemia

228. The dominant histologic feature of infarction is__________________?
A. Liquefactive necrosis
B. Coagulative necrosis
C. Chronic inflammation
D. Scar tissue

229. Secondary amylodosis is seen most commonly in_______________?
A. Actinomycosis
B. Tuberculosis
C. Rabies
D. Secondary Iues

230. Apoptosis is suggestive of_______________?
A. Liquefaction degeneration
B. Coagulative necrosis
C. Neo angiogenesis
D. Epithelial dysplasia


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