561. Measles causes:
A. Protein losing enteropathy
B. Keratitis leading to blindness.
C. Pneumonia
E. All of the above.

562. Regarding childhood infection, which of the following statements is TRUE?
A. 70% mumps parotitis is bilateral
B. Mumps orchitis may lead to testicular infarction
C. Poliovirus causes CNS infection in 1 % cases
D. Sabin oral polio vaccine covers all 3 strains of polio viruses.
E. All of the above

A. has trophism for B cells & epithelial cells.
B. may lyse host cells during productive infection
C. induce polyclonal activation of B cells, which is seen as atypical lymphocytes in peripheral blood.
D. induces formation of anti-viral-capside-antigen antibodies.
E. All of the above

564. Which of the following statements regarding VZV infection is FALSE?
A. VZV disseminates by hematogenous route
B. . Trigeminal ganglion is the most likely site of latency
C. Incubation period is about 2 days.
D. VZV induce more severe infection in the immuno-compromised host, including encephalitis, transverse myelitis & IS pneumonitis.
E. All of the above

565. Which of the following statements regarding bacterial pneumonia is FALSE?
A. Infants & elderly more commonly develop lobar pneumonia than bronchopneumonia.
B. Lobar distribution is a function of organism virulence & vulnerability of host defense.
C. Bronchopneumonia is commonly bibasal in distribution
D. Pleural fibrinous reaction may organize & leave permanent adhesions.
E. Bacterial pneumonia can be due to hematogenous spread of microbe from other foci of infection.

566. Which of the following predisposes host to pneumonia?
A. Coma
B. Inhalation of corrosive & hot gases.
C. Immunosuppression
E. All of the above

567. Which is the most common aetiologic agent in bacterial pneumonia?
A. Hemophilus influenzae type b
B. Staphylococci
C. Streptococci pneumoniae
D. Pseudomonas
E. E Coli

568. Complication of pneumonia does NOT include the following:
A. Abscess formation
B. Carcinoma
C. Empyema
D. Organization & solidification of lung poction
E. 2° bacteria seeding to other organs.

569. Which of the following statements regarding Hemophilus influenzae is FALSE?
A. It secretes protease that degrade respiratory tract IgA
B. It secretes a factor to impair mucociliary ladder.
C. LPS endotoxin induces WC chemotaxis & leukocytosis
D. All hemophilus infections are due to encapsulated species.
E. Cell wall peptidoglycan of Hemophilus influenze damages the blood brain barrier.

570. Hemophilus influenzae does NOT cause the following in the immunocompetent host:
A. Otitis media
B. Acute epiglottitis
C. Pneumonia
D. Conjunctivitis
E. Septicaemia