791. Which of the following regarding sarcoidosis is FALSE?
A. Worst prognosis are those with pulmonary disease without lymphadenopathy
B. 70% recovers without residual manifestations
C. Characterized by caseating granulomas in all the involved tissues
D. Can progress to massive pulmonary fibrosis & cor pulmonale
E. All of the above

792. Cryptogenic pulmonary fibrosis is NOT characterized by:
A. Type 2 pneumocyte hyperplasia
C. l’ cyroglobulins
D. can be rapidly progressive with fibrosis within weeks
E. None of the above

793. In adult respiratory distress syndrome:
A. The underlying mechanism is similar to respiratory distress syndrome of newborns
B. Neutrophils can injure pulmonary endothelial cells through release of toxic oxygen metabolites
C. Mortality levels are 80-90%
D. The lungs are uniformly affected
E. Response to oxygen therapy is usually immediate

794. In emphysema:
A. Centriacinar emphysema is the result of alpha 1 anti trypsin deficiency
B. Results in enlargement of air spaces with destruction of walls and fibrosis
C. Weight loss can be severe
D. Results from high anti protease activity
E. First symptoms don’t appear until half of the parenchyma is destroyed

795. Which of the following statements regarding lung abscesses is FALSE?
A. They can result in clubbing within a few weeks of onset.
B. They can occur secondary to bronchogenic carcinoma.
C. Most resolve without major sequelae.
D. Streptococci and Staphylococcus aureus are the exclusive isolates in 65% of cases.
E. Clinically they are characterised principally by cough, fever and copious amounts of sputum.

796. Which of the following statements about infection in the lungs is FALSE?
A. Pneumocystis Carinii produces a diffuse or patchy pneumonia, with alveoli filled with fluid composed of proliferating parasites and cell debris.
B. Dengue fever can cause lung haemorrhage, which may lead to death.
C. Primary tuberculosis tends to produce more damage in the lungs than secondary tuberculosis.
D. Lobar pneumonia is caused by Step pneumoniae in 90-95% of cases.
E. Atypical pneumonia is largely confined to the alveolar septa and pulmonary interstitium.

797. Which of the following statements about bacterial toxin production is TRUE?
A. Endotoxins are produced by gram +ve bacteria
B. Most of the biologic activities of lipopolysaccarides are mediated by induction of host cytokines
C. Lipopolysaccharides are part of the outer wall of gram +ve bacteria
D. Bacteria secrete a variety of enzymes including lipopolysaccharide
E. Diphtheria toxin is a typical endotoxin

798. Infection with Clostridium perfringens typically causes which of the following?
A. Suppurative inflammation
B. Granulomatous inflammation
C. Cytopathic inflammation
D. Necrotising inflammation
E. Chronic inflammation

799. Chlamydia produce all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
B. Acute epididymitis
C. Reiter’s Syndrome
D. Condylomata lata
E. Lymphogranuloma venereum 

800. Which of the following statement is INCORRECT?
A. Exudate has SG > 1.020
B. Exudate is an ultrafiltrate of plasma & is due to hydrostatic imbalance across vascular endothelium
C. Exudate is hallmark of inflammation
D. Oedema can be a result of exudate or transudate
E. None of the above


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