301. Schilling test is performed to find out______________?
A. Folic acid level
B. B12 malabsroption
C. Pancreatic enzyme deficiency
D. Coronary artery disease

302. Hemophilics show_________________?
A. Increased bleeding time and clotting time
B. Decreased bleeding time and clotting time
C. Decreased bleeding time and increased clotting time
D. Normal bleeding time and increased clotting time

303. Reed – Sternberg cells are seen in histopathological examination of_______________?
A. African jaw lymphoma
B. Hodgkin’s disease
C. Burkitt’s lymphoma
D. Infectious mononucleosis

304. A patient’s urine with a particular protein appears normal, but on standing it becomes dark. The dark colour disappears on heating. The patent is suffering from______________?
A. Osteoporosis
B. Multiple myeloma
C. Infectious mononcleosis
D. T – cell tumour

305. Hodgkin’s lymphoma can be distinguished from non – Hodgkin’s lymphomas by_________________?
A. Reed – Sternberg cells
B. Systemic manifestations
C. Occurence in young adults
D. All of the above

306. The characteristic finding in chronic myeloid leukemia is______________?
A. Reduced score of alkaline phosphatase in granulocytes
B. Reduced score of acid phosphatase in granulocytes
C. Total lack of platelets
D. Total lack of neutrophils

307. Sickle cell anemia precipitates when______________?
A. Oxygen tension goes down
B. Increased viscosity of blood
C. There is dehydration
D. All of the above

308. Neurologic abnormalities occur with_______________?
A. Foliate deficiency anemia
B. Pernicious anemia
C. Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia
D. Both B and C

309. Deposition of bile pigment in the basal ganglia is called________________?
A. jaundice
B. Kernicterus
C. Haemosiderosis
D. All of the above

310. A shift to left indicates an increase in number of______________?
A. immature neutrophils
B. erythrocytes
C. matures neutrophils
D. Platelets

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