811. Histamine is found in:
A. Basophils
B. Neutrophils
C. Eosinophils
D. Monocytes
E. All of the above

812. Histamine release is triggered by:
A. Trauma
B. Anaphylatoxin
C. IL-l
D. Substance P
E. All of the above

813. Histamine is responsible for:
A. Chemotaxis
B. Opsonization
C. Immediate phase of increased vascular permeability
D. Delayed phase of increased vascular permeability
E. All of the above

814. C5a does NOT act as:
A. Anaphylatoxin
B. Opsonin
C. Chemotaxin
D. Activator of the Lipoxygenase pathway
E. None of the above

815. Alternative pathway of the complement system is activate by the following EXCEPT:
A. Endotoxin
B. IgA aggregate
C. Microbe surface
D. Antigen-IgM complex
E. Complex polysaccharide

816. Activation of Hagemen factor results in:
A. Formation of bradykinin
B. Formation of plasmin
C. Thrombin activation
D. Formation of fibrin degradation products (FDP)
E. All of the above

817. Which of the following product of cyclo-oxygenase pathway produce vasoconstri ction?
A. Thromboxane A2
B. PgD2 C. PgE2
D. PgF2
E. Prostacyclin

818. Which of the following is specifically found in platelet?
A. Prostacyclin
B. Thromboxane A2
C. PgD2 D. PgE2
E. PgF2

819. Which of the following is the action of leukotriene D4?
A. Chemotaxin
B. Vasodilation
C. Increased vascular permeability
D. Bronchodilation
E. Platelet aggregation

820. Platelet activating factor (P AF) is found in:
A. Basophil
B. Polymorphonuclear neutrophil
C. Monocyte
D. Endothelial cell
E. All of the above

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