691. Systemic lupus erythematosus
A. has a female: male gender ratio of2:1
B. is characterised by antinuclear antibodies CANAs)
C. rarely involves the kidney
D. is associated with a seronegative arthropathy causing marked joint erosion
E. is commonly fulminant with death in weeks to months

692. The most common cause of Traveller’s diarrhoea is
A. Rotavirus
B. E.coli
C. Shigella
D. Salmonella
E. Giardia

693. Iron deficiency anaemia features
A. a normal haematocrit
B. increased serum ferritin
C. normal mean red cell volume
D. low platelet count
E. none of the above

694. Platelets
A. have a normal concentration range in peripheral blood of 80-100 x 103 Imm3
B. are important in haemostasis only
C. remain viable in stored blood for 24 hours only
D. normally are removed from the circulation almost entirely by the spleen
E. have an average lifespan of average 20 days

695. In compensated heart failure
A. right atrial pressure drops
B. maximum cardiac output is unchanged
C. resting cardiac output is unchanged
D. renin level eventually drops below premorbid level
E. fluid retention plays no role

696. Infective endocarditis
A. in the acute form, is most commonly caused by streptococci
B. involves abnormal valves in most acute cases
C. is confirmed by positive blood cultures in less than 50% of cases
D. may cause splenic infarction
E. may cause MacCallum’s plaques to form on affected valves

697. Cor Pulmonale may be caused by
A. congenital heart disease
B. mitral stenosis
C. left ventricular failure
D. primary pulmonary hypertension
E. aortic regurgitation

698. Regarding peptic ulceration
A. it occurs most commonly in the antrum of the stomach
B. it has a strong genetic influence
C. there is H. pylori infection of the mucosa in 50% of patients with duodenal ulceration
D. it is more frequent in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
E. gastric acid is the only prerequisite for formation of ulcers

699. The features of bronchogenic carcinoma include
A. the classification of “oat cell” tumour within the large cell type
B. high initial response to chemotherapy for small cell type
C. the strongest correlation with cigarette smoking in the adenocarcinoma type
D. that 50% of small cell type occur in nonsmokers
E. histological features identical in small cell carcinomas and squamous cell types

700. The major abnormalities of immune function in AIDS are characterised by
A. Inversion of the CD4-CD8 ratio
B. Increase in the number of memory T cells
C. Hypogammaglobulinaemia and decreased circulating immune complexes
D. Decreased secretion ofTNF and IL-1
E. All of the above