891.Invasion by metastases includes
A.Separation of tumour cells from each other
B.Attachment to matrix components
C.Type I collagenases degrading extracellular matrix
D.Absorption of proteolytic enzymes
E.Separation of tumour cells from laminin and fibronectin

892.All of the following characterize familial tumours except
A.Earlier age at onset
B.Close relatives with the same tumours
C.Multiple or bilateral tumours
D.Specific marker phenotypes
E.Increased relative risk in siblings

893.Malignant tumours
A.When arising from epithelial cells are called sarcomas
B.Are well differentiated
C.When arising from glandular cells are called adenocarcinoma
D.Rarely metastasise
E.Always possess tumour giant cells

894.development of metastatic potential in melanoma is heralded by
A.change in colour
B.change in size
C.nodule development
D.change in the degree of pigmentation
E.development of localized itching

895.The commonest cause of thyroid carcinoma is

896.acute pancreatitis
A.may be caused by Helminth infection
B.causes hypercalcaemia
C.develop in 50% people with gallstones
D.leads to inhibition of elastase
E.involves acinar cell injury as a late even

897.Regarding diabetes mellitus
A.Obesity results in the β cells of the islets of Langerhan becoming more responsive to decreased blood glucose
B.Obesity increases the number of insulin receptors in the insulin target organs of the body
C.Decreased sodium concentration is more important in the development of acidosis than the direct increase in ketoacids
D.Development of diabetes mellitus is unrelated to viral infection
E.Type II diabetes mellitus occurs in 60% cases

898.In the pathogenesis of IDDM
A.The β cell mass is normal
B.The cumulative concordance in identical twins is 20%
C.Only class I MHC molecules are involved
D.Viral infections play no role
E.70-80% of patients have islet cell autoantibodies

A.Involves mild β cell depletion
B.Has no islet cell autoantibodies
C.Is HLA-D linked
D.Has 90-100% concordance for twins
E.Has normal levels of blood insulin

900.The complications of chronic pancreatitis include all except
A.Duct obstruction
E.Secondary diabetes